The State Archives of Bologna are the heart of the historical memory of the city.
Inside the 34 km of shelves is preserved the documentation produced by the public offices of Bologna, dating from the Middle Ages to the present day and, in addition, there are archives of noble families, churches and convents, hospitals, the ancient university of  Bologna, notaries and a rich collection of cartographic and land register material.
This rich documentary heritage is the object of regular consultation by Italian and foreign scholars, and according to statistics from the Ministry of Cultural Activities, the State Archives of Bologna is one of the ten most visited Archives in Italy. This is made possible by extensive hours open to the public and the qualified assistance provided by the archivists.
In addiction to the services offered by the reading room, many other activities take place inside the offices, laboratories and deposits, such as research, organization of events and cultural initiatives, reordering and inventorying of archival materials, photographic reproduction and restoration of documents, training and didactic presentations for schools and colleges.